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Bulk Grey natural, hair 100% natural human hair. structures are straight hair hair. The exceptional quality allows, with good care, to reuse these extensions for years.

Delivery: within 10 working days

We are pleased to present you the new type of hair, Grey natural hair.
It is well-known long time ago that grey natural hair makes up because of the reduction of pigment and the white hair doesn't have it at all.
Our production collects grey natural hair from old people in countries of Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan) and it should be noted that we carry on the quality control of collected human hair.
The way to grey hair...
Initially the hair is white. Human hair gets its natural color because of the pigment named “melanin”.
In process of human aging melanin's molecules are dividing into parts and moving away one from another. As soon as molecules are scattered the human hair become grey.
Grey hair is great alternative for Slavic hair.
Grey hair is suitable for colorizing and could be bleached and waved. In connection with it you can be sure, that wigs from grey hair will be looked very naturally. Human hair is sorted carefully, without any yellow colors.
- Lengths of grey hair vary from 40 till 70 cm
- Natural colors of hair - grey and white
- Silky grey hair, straight natural grey hair, waving grey hair
- Hair is sorted, carefully washed and combed and ready for sending.


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