Quality and Excellence. DALTHER selects 100% natural products from their place of origin, India and Eastern Europe. It follows the entire process from cutting the hair to the final packaging. For this reason you are in a position to choose only the superior quality solution. DALTHR is an E-Commerce but it makes its customers appreciate the high quality of its products in the Moncalieri Showroom, just outside Turin. DALTHER products are also visible exclusively in the salons of the professional hairdressers specialized in the application of hair extensions of all types. Furthermore, the professionalism of the staff is at the complete disposal of the customer through telephone consultancy and via the convenient Whatsapp.

DALTHER produces wigs with EXCLUSIVELY 100% NATURAL products. The hair is taken directly from the places of origin, India and Eastern Europe, and is the result of a severe selection to achieve excellence. The authenticity of the product easily finds favor with all our customers who appreciate its superior quality simply by touch. DALTHER builds the MADE-TO-MEASURE wig, and the customer himself provides the composition by choosing the type (curly, wavy, straight, kynky), length, color and application method. DALTHER also has an efficient after-sales service that supports the customer in the initial stages for correct wearing of the product, provides him with valuable advice for its maintenance and remains available over time for any need.

Showcase products

  • Clip DT-R-C-CLP-160GRAM
    From Price €322.81

    CLIP-ON 160G with curly Extensions. Number of Clips: 7 and 2 sets total weight: 160 grams, Extension 100% natural human RUSSIAN / SLAVIC origin....

  • WIG 150gr DT-IND-W 13X4 fr
    From Price €294.30

    Wig 150gr. with FRONTAL 13X4. Wavy texture, handcrafted with 100% natural human hair. The outstanding quality allows, with good care, these wigs...

    From Price €123.53
    Our CLOSURE FRONTAL 12"X4,5" DEEP WAVY is made from 100% human hair. Choose from our different shades of lace closure (dark brown lace, light...
  • Hair DT-R-W-WF
    From Price €235.52

    WEFT HAIR EXTENSION 100% natural human hair from RUSSIAN / SLAVIC origin. The exceptional quality allows, with good care, to reuse these...

  • DT-R-W-WF- Double Drown
    From Price €360.72

    HAIR EXTENSION DOUBLE DRAWN FABRICS 100% natural human hair of RUSSIAN / SLAVIC origin.

    The exceptional quality allows you, with good...

  • WIG 300gr DT-IND-C 4X4 Cls
    From Price €408.96

    Wig 300gr. with LACE CLOSURE 4X4. Curly texture, handcrafted made from 100% natural human hair. The exceptional quality allows you, with good...

  • Hair DT-IND-S
    From Price €31.29
    STRAIGHT HAIR EXTENSION : Indian women's hair has a generally wavy structure. Our final product reaches maximum perfection thanks to the strength...