Dalther Beauty

In search of Excellence

DALTHER was born in 2014 from the communion of decades of commercial experience of the two founders, Paolo and Laui Therese, in the Hair Extensions and Wigs sector.

The main characteristic of DALTHER lies in the exclusive use of natural raw materials coming from the country of origin: India and Eastern European countries. Few manufacturers in the world can actually boast this peculiarity today.

Our periodic presence in that part of the world, in the first production and purification plants of the selected hair, allows us to guarantee supreme quality to our end customer.

An accurate After-Sales service is another fundamental feature of DALTHER. For precise and rigorous corporate strategy, no DALTHER customer will have to be abandoned. Suggestions for the care of the product, for its maintenance and any modifications, will always follow the sale of the same.

DALTHER supports its E-Commerce with the elegant and exclusive Showroom in Moncalieri, on the outskirts of Turin, which will be progressively followed by other exhibition points which also include the application of Hair Extensions and the testing of Wigs. All with the collaboration of the best hairdressing professionals in the sector.

The continuous and necessary updating and enthusiasm close the circle of our company's main strengths in a rapidly and exponentially evolving sector.

And this is why Dalther's motto has been and will always be “In Search of Excellence”.