Dalther Beauty

In Search of Excellence

Dalther was born from the communion of ten years of commercial experience of the two founders, Paolo and Laui Therese, in various product sectors and in particular the Beauty and Hair Extensions, with sales points in Italy and in the Ivory Coast. Skills that over time have allowed the creation of an Import-Export company with consolidated interests also in the medical and agricultural fields.

The rapid evolution of technology and the growing expansion of globalization with the introduction of new players in world trade have been the spring that has allowed us to refine these experiences and make products more accessible to everyone, through the participation of the best actors present in the production landscape.

Our knowledge of Middle Eastern, African and Southeast Asian markets has allowed us to initially polarize our sales through e-commerce in that part of the world. But they are also extending to Europe and the United States where our products are increasingly appreciated. Having identified in the female hair extension, with related accessories, the most sustained request, we considered it worthy of being treated with great attention and enthusiasm.

The primary objective of this site is to represent a window that allows us to propose the best product, the most refined and sophisticated but in the same the most competitive that we are pleased to offer our customers.

And that's why the slogan of Dalther was from the beginning and will forever be "Finding of Excellence".